Putin Consulting Aims to Attract Foreign Investment to Russia

Russian president Vladimir Putin’s nephew heads a newly-launched consulting company that aims to attract foreign investors to Russia.

Putin Consulting has been founded by entrepreneur, investment adviser, and public figure Roman Putin. The 36 year – old is chairman of the board for property manager Group MRT and co-owner of three other Russian companies: Gazstroiholding, Modernizatsiya Rechnogo Transporta (Modernisation of River Transport), and Frantsuzskie Aviatsionnye Technologii (French Aviation Technologies).

Putin Consulting is promoted as a firm that “helps foreign investors realise their investment projects in Russia, assists in partner selection, and provides comprehensive business security tools through lobbying, government relations and public relations [GR and PR].”

The firm’s publicity states that Russia offers “enormous opportunities for investments, as well as transparent and profitable businesses. Few people are familiar with such opportunities, and those who know prefer to be silent, so as not to share this information with competitors. On the other hand, bureaucracy and corruption are still risks of working in Russia.”

Roman Putin states: “My mission is maximum assistance in attracting international investment; that’s why we create an efficient and understandable ‘entry point’ for investors in Russia – not only for Western ones, but also for investors from the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. Our strategy is to simplify entry into the Russian market and minimise operational and administrative barriers.

“Today, investors have been opened ‘a window of opportunity’ that previously did not exist or was very difficult to obtain. The period of geopolitical instability will soon be over, and investors will benefit.

“The name of the company refers to stable growth, which the Russian economy has demonstrated in recent years. On the other hand, it is a signal to the international business community that regardless of the political situation, their investment in Russia will be under special protection.”


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