Linedata Updates Capitalstream Platform

Linedata, the provider of specialist systems for the investment management and credit industries, has released the latest version of Linedata Capitalstream, its lending and leasing business automation platform allowing finance organisations to gain operational efficiencies and control risk throughout the approval and on-going management during the loan and lease lifecycle.

The latest release enables lending and equipment finance teams to manage the regulatory burden, while turning risk management into a competitive advantage. Functional enhancements included in the new release are designed to improve the user experience, automate financial statement spreading and analysis, enhance documentation and portfolio management.

Many features are designed to make it even easier to blend the ability to have consistent credit policy and decision making across multiple products and lines of business, while providing the flexibility that individual teams need. To speed implementation, Linedata Capitalstream includes a pre-configured model based on industry best practices.

“From the outset of the project, we knew that the Linedata Capitalstream solution would be an enterprise shift in how we process commercial loans at UMB,” said Ryan Marshall, the bank’s vice president (VP) of commercial and credit underwriting.

“One of the biggest hurdles to enterprise change is ensuring that your sales force adopts the new solution without impacting their ability to sell. The mobile functionality available in the new release allows my sales force access to Linedata Capitalstream while on the road and does not slow them down in reaching their sales targets.

Additionally, the ability to integrate our origination and risk data into our data warehouse utilising Linedata Capitalstream’s core data mart will give us better insight into our portfolio’s operational and risk performance.”

Bill Hughes, executive vice president (EVP) at Linedata Lending and Leasing in North America, added: “In today’s regulatory environment, ensuring compliance and managing risk can take the lending or leasing team’s focus away from building relationships and growing the business.”


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