BPC Banking Technologies Launches Cash Management System

Open system payment solutions provider BPC Banking Technologies has launched a new cash management and forecasting solution designed to improve the profitability of automated teller machine (ATM) networks.

Unveiled at this week’s ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) 2014 US conference in Orlando, Florida, the new solution, deployed as part of SmartATM, is being promoted as enabling US operators to ‘dramatically reduce’ the costs of operating their ATM networks.

BPC added that with over 420,000 ATMs in the US, competition among network operators can be intense, and as the cost of running an ATM network is high it is vitally important that the maximum return is made from the investment

The group said its research shows that ATMs are typically loaded with 40% more cash than is really needed. The cash management solution enables ATM operators to cut operational costs by 22% by optimising network monitoring, including cash load routes and frequencies. The solution also provides capabilities to monitor, automate and manage ATM networks of all sizes, including ATM driving, marketing tools, Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) migration and support for a set of products and services.

“For many years BPC has helped organisations get the maximum return from their investment in technology, and we are continuing this tradition with the launch of this solution,” said Daragh O’Byrne, BPC’s chief marketing officer.

“Not only can ATM operators save US$2,000 per ATM, while also ensuring maximum up-time from their network but they can also tap into new revenue streams by offering their customers a market-leading set of products and services. Last year at ATMIA, BPC launched a service to help streamline EMV migrations, and this year we are building on that.”


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