Numerix and Gaia Transparence Pool Resources for EMIR

Gaia Transparence and Numerix said they are partnering in response to the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) to create a ‘best of breed solution’ for EMIR collateral, margin and trade repository requirements.

Numerix is a provider of cross-asset analytics for derivatives valuations and risk management, while Gaia Transparence is a pioneer Open Source Software (OSS) provider of asset management, trading and risk systems. Under the partnership Numerix analytics are embedded within Gaia Transparence’s Position Builder solution for collateral management, margin requirements and Credit Value Adjustment (CVA).

It is promoted as offering a complete solution for EMIR, which has a derivatives reporting
start date of 12 February 2014
, where users are able to forecast and manage initial and variation margins. Leveraging the Numerix CrossAsset library, the system also provides support for mandatory trade repository reporting, and the successful monitoring of all global positions.

“As the target date for trade repository requirements under EMIR is fast approaching, our partnership with Gaia Transparence is especially timely,” said Steven O’Hanlon, chief executive officer (CEO) and president of Numerix.

“Our combined solution is quick to implement and Gaia Transparence’s open source platform is both easy to integrate and enhance. This user friendly interface also makes it the ideal platform for regulatory reporting,”


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