ITRS and Excelian Launch Real-time Monitoring Interface for Murex

Performance monitoring and management technology group ITRS said that it has further extended its developer programme with the launch of a monitoring solution for cross-asset trading and risk management solutions specialist Murex.

ITRS said that the breadth, configurability and complexity of the Murex solution require a professional monitoring tool to provide real-time metrics on system performance. The Geneos interface results from a collaborative relationship between ITRS and Excelian, a consultancy specialising in the financial sector and a Murex top-tier alliance partner.

The group added that increasingly risk management systems are being seen as ‘real-time’. Time deadlines, such as the need to complete confirmation of payments before day end and the need to react to position movements within specific service-level agreements (SLAs) are crucial.

Additionally, the industry is putting far greater emphasis on understanding upstream and downstream dependencies and the potential impact these might have on end-of-day or overnight processes. Therefore demand for a more real-time view of the post-trade environment, and the drive to ensure that risk systems have the highest possible availability have lead to an increasing demand for International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) monitoring of these systems.

“Working with Excelian has provided a great opportunity for ITRS to bring an advanced monitoring solution to a large, combined client base,” said Kevin Covington, chief executive (CEO) of ITRS. “The Murex trading platform is highly developed and a market- leader with numerous global financial clients worldwide.

Our developer programme is continuously expanding to bring tangible benefits to our clients in providing them with sophisticated, flexible, end-to-end monitoring across different segments of financial markets, different parts of the trade lifecycle, technologies and geographies.”


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