Study Suggests Asia Pacific Prime Target for Advanced Cyber Attacks

Asia Pacific is more likely to be targeted by advanced cyber attacks compared to the world as a whole, according to research by network security specialist FireEye.

The California-based company said that while attention-seeking hackers are trying to attract as much press as possible, organised and resourceful cyber criminals and nation-state threat actors are capable of more advanced attacks meant to steal information or sabotage critical infrastructure, and can often go unnoticed for long periods of time.

According to the report, the sectors most often targeted by advanced attackers in Asia were financial services, national government, hi-tech, chemicals, manufacturing, mining, services, consulting, higher education, telecom, energy, utilities, petroleum, entertainment/media, and state or local government.

FireEye Labs’ research suggests that the top 10 most targeted countries in Asia during the past year were:

  1.  South Korea.
  2.  Japan.
  3.  Taiwan.
  4.  Thailand.
  5.  Hong Kong.
  6.  Philippines.
  7.  India.
  8.  Australia.
  9.  Pakistan.
  10.  Singapore.



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