AFP Meets with Middle Eastern Financial Professionals, Signs FP&A Agreement

The Association for Financial Professionals’ (AFP) campaign to build awareness of its certification programme for financial planning and analysis (FP&A) continued last month as AFP chief executive (CEO) and president, Jim Kaitz, met with practitioners in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

In Dubai, Kaitz met with Mohammed El-Fadel, chairman of the Money Experts Institute for Training, which is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and gave a presentation to the inaugural meeting of the Dubai FP&A Club. He also spoke at the Middle East CFO Alliance meeting held on 12 December 12. With over 200 financial professionals from global companies with operations in Dubai, the meeting focused on presentations by financial experts and provided networking opportunities for the attendees.

“The goal is to promote the FP&A certification to global markets along with awareness of the AFP brand to global markets and the Middle East certainly is a very important part of our strategy,” said AFP managing director of Training, Mary Ellen Saunders, who also attended the meetings. “While in Dubai, we met with seven different companies, including AIG and Air Emirates. There is much excitement about the new credential and especially about its global portability since it is applies in any country.”

The mission’s success was marked by El-Fadel signing an agreement with AFP for the Money Experts Institute for Training to deliver the FP&A certification review course, utilising the FP&A learning system to its members.

“It was definitely one of the most fascinating business trips I’ve ever been on,” Saunders said. “We exchanged business cards with over 125 people who came to our exhibit at the Middle East CFO Alliance meeting and expressed interest in the FP&A certification and in AFP.”

Kaitz plans to return to Dubai during 2014 to expand AFP’s burgeoning FP&A partnerships in the region.


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