Boerse Stuttgart Ends Year on Strong Note

Germany’s Boerse Stuttgart reported that its order book statistics show total turnover from trading in 2013 reached almost €89bn in 2013, roughly the same level as the previous year.

However, equities trading set a new record, with order book turnover climbing to more than €14.9bn – over €11.3bn from German equities and around €3.6bn from international equities. Total turnover for this asset class was up more than 16% on the previous record in 2011 and around 32% up on the figure for 2012.

Boerse Stuttgart also ended the year strongly with last month’s turnover just short of €7bn, roughly 25% up on December 2012. “It is clear from our turnover figures, particularly in the last two months, that retail investors are slowly returning to the stock market. There are signs of renewed investor confidence in the financial markets,” said Christoph Lammersdorf, chief executive officer (CEO) of the management board of Boerse Stuttgart Holding.

The results reinforced Boerse Stuttgart’s position as Germany’s leading floor-trading exchange across all asset classes in terms of trading volume. The exchange maintained its leading position in the European securitised derivatives market with a trading volume of almost €40bn. With volatility low, demand for investment products generated turnover in excess of €24bn, compared with a figure of nearly €16bn for leverage products.

Annual turnover from trading in investment funds and exchange-traded products (ETPs) was over €8bn. At over €7bn, the lion’s share of this total was attributable to ETPs such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded commodities (ETCs).

With turnover of more than €25bn, Boerse Stuttgart also retained a lead in the trading of debt instruments. At around €11.5bn, corporate bonds accounted for the largest share of the annual total in this asset class. Overall, the volume of trading in debt instruments was down by around 11% on 2012 due to the surge in demand for equities.


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