Bellin Launches EMIR Derivatives Reporting Service

German corporate treasury management software and consultancy services group Bellin said that following
last month’s approval by the regulatory authorities of the first trade repositories
, reporting obligations for the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) – originally due to be introduced earlier this year-are now expected to take effect on 12 February 2014.

At its first treasury convention, held on 28-29 November in Rust, Germany, Bellin announced its offering for EMIR reporting in partnership with Thomas Wagenknecht of European trade repository REGIS-TR, which is directly connected to Bellin’s tm5 treasury management system (TMS).

The system creates reports according to the ESMA requirements, which users can either download as files or transmit directly to the trade repository via the established communication channel.

Bellin also offers customers the option of using their Bellin account for connecting to REGIS-TR instead of their own customer account, which offers several advantages including lower fees than a direct contract with REGIS-TR

“With the full service package, we make EMIR reporting as simple as it gets for our customers,” said Martin Bellin, the group’s founder and managing director. “Thanks to our close cooperation with REGIS-TR, we have found a quick and simple solution. Our customers can look forward to the new year with peace of mind because we are ready for EMIR today.”


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