November Trading Volume Rises to €7.7bn at Boerse Stuttgart


Boerse Stuttgart generated turnover of around €7.7bn in November 2013, according to its order book statistics. This represents an increase of approximately 1.5% by comparison with October.

With a trading volume of around €3.5bn, slightly up on the previous month, securitised derivatives accounted for the largest share of total turnover. Trading in investment products was more than 2% higher at over €2.2bn. Driven by particularly strong demand, turnover in reverse convertibles rose by approximately 21% to around €414m. Leverage products ended the month at around €1.2bn, just below the October figure.

Trading in debt instruments produced turnover of around €2.1bn, over 6% up on the total for October. Corporate bonds generated the biggest share of turnover in this asset class with an increase of roughly 15% on October to around €921m.

Turnover from equity trading in November reached over €1.4bn, up approximately 3% on the figure for October. Out of this total, approximately €1.1bn was generated by trading in German equities, an increase of around 40% on the same month in 2012, while international equities contributed roughly €386m to the overall total, almost double the trading volume achieved in November 2012.

Trading in investment fund units accounted for approximately €676m of the November total, with exchange-traded products (ETPs) contributing the lion’s share of roughly €579m. Trading in investment fund units generated turnover in the region of €98m, over 11% up on the figure for October.


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