BNP Paribas Launches Next Generation of Atlas for iPad

BNP Paribas has launched the next generation of its Atlas app for ipad, offering detailed country-by-country information on cash management.

The first version of the Atlas was available only to selected BNP Paribas customers, with content focused on Europe. The new version, launched earlier this month at the EuroFinance 2013 conference in Barcelona, is optimised for iOS 7.0. It is available to all cash and treasury management professionals and includes convenient, comprehensive information on cash management across key markets globally.

“Our customers and the wider cash and treasury management community have been seeking a convenient, reliable source of information on cash management requirements and opportunities in the countries in which they have a presence today, or into which they are expanding in the future,” said Filipe Simao, head of cash management advisory at BNP Paribas.

“The second generation cash management Atlas for iPad fulfils this need by immediate access to critical information to help inform cash management decision-making.”

Downloading the Atlas is straightforward and requires no registration. Users can search the App Store for ‘Cash Management Atlas’, or using an iPad follow the link:


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