Axioma Launches Risk Management Platform for Multi-Asset Classes

Axioma said that it is entering the multi-asset class risk space with the introduction of Axioma Risk, a next-generation risk management platform for risk officers, portfolio managers, asset owners and consultants.

“This is a watershed initiative for Axioma,” said founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Sebastian Ceria, who added that the group, which specialises in risk models and portfolio construction tools for equity investors would now be these into the multi-asset class risk space.

Axioma Risk, the company’s initial offering in the multi-asset class risk space, is described as a unified risk-management platform for middle-to-front office users that meets the rigorous demands of portfolio managers, risk officers, asset owners and consultants by delivering risk reporting, risk analysis and decision support for multi-asset class portfolios.

“What we are witnessing today is an increasingly complex risk environment where multi-asset class investing is proliferating,” said Ian Webster, Axioma’s managing director Europe.

“Axioma Risk’s state-of-the-art toolset, built with the latest technology, gives clients the power and flexibility to address the most complex and diverse risk questions. As a unified platform, portfolio managers and risk officers can now speak the same language when it comes to risk.”

Axioma Risk is fully customisable and designed specifically for decision support, enabling a full spectrum of users to tailor risk reporting and analysis to their specific needs. They can choose single or multi-step simulations, historical (empirical) simulations, Monte Carlo simulations or linear parametric models.


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