SocGen Launches Mobile Version of Sogecash Web Cash Management Solution

Société Générale (SocGen) is providing corporate clients with overseas activities with a mobile version of Sogecash Web, its internet solution enabling users to steer their positions, optimise their cash flow and manage their cash around the world, whichever banks these clients have their accounts with.

The bank added that in response to its users’ new uses and habits, such as mobility, real-time information, simplicity and speed, the application and the Sogecash Web mobile website have a user-friendly interface enabling users to check their accounts online – including end of day and intraday balances and entries for the last 90 days – and receive alerts.

Among the features of the Sogecash Web application are:

  • A dashboard that can be customised by the user.
  • Multilingual options of English, French, Spanish and German.
  • Multibank: ability to manage all accounts held by SocGen or any other banks that are part of the SWIFT network.
  • Application available in smartphone and tablet versions for iOs, Android and BlackBerry 10.
  • Mobile site


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