ACI Worldwide Expands Electronic Bills Offerings

Electronic payment (e-payment) specialist ACI Worldwide has launched ACI bill presentment service, a offering that provides electronic bill presentment specific to the unique needs of organisations in consumer finance, insurance and utilities.

The firm said that the new service will equip billers with the following capabilities:

  • Cut the cost of paper bills and invoices.
  • Deliver convenient bill and invoice access across channels.
  • Simplify implementation and management.

“The cost of paper bills is the top pain point for billers,” said Gwenn Bézard, co-founder and research director, Aite Group. “As 80% of bills are still sent through the mail, driving wider acceptance of electronic bill presentment among their customers is a critical goal for many of these billers.”

Sanjay Kumar, vice president and product line manager, ACI Worldwide, added: “Billers will continue to struggle with the complexity and cost of paper-based billing systems until they are able to provide a compelling and consistent electronic bill presentment and payment experience that addresses all the ways that a consumer wants to transact – via mobile device, web or call centre.

“Yet, providing consumers with an ubiquitous billing experience has traditionally been difficult, as it requires an integrated multichannel approach to automate the whole process – including initial notification, viewing the bill, paying the bill, turning off paper invoicing and, if necessary, providing due-date reminders.

“We developed bill presentment services to address all of these challenges. We deliver a system for billers that provides the integrated, consumer-friendly experience needed to make adoption of electronic billing much easier.”


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