SunGard Adds Astec Analytics Reporting Services to Range

SunGard’s Astec Analytics has introduced reporting services to its solution suite, which aims to provide customers with the ability to generate reports with detailed information on their borrowing and lending programmes.

The new service offers users the ability to create customised securities lending reports to help with independent analysis and accurate benchmarking of their program’s performance.  It will also help customers to see customised, accurate reports about what is being borrowed and lent against which collateral and for what fees. This level of detail helps improve operations as customers can identify their most profitable counterparts as well as areas that may need attention or immediate action.

“At a time when regulatory scrutiny and expectation of good practice are so high, having the ability to build and access relevant, tailored and current reports has taken on a new level of importance,” said Rebecca Healey, senior analyst, TABB Group. “Having a robust reporting service is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’ for those with the responsibility of monitoring their firms’ securities lending programmes.”

“Access to clear and concise reporting is essential in order to achieve transparency and mitigate risk in securities finance,” added Tim Smith, executive vice president, SunGard’s Astec Analytics. “[The service] enables users to customise their own reports, providing in-depth analysis and benchmarking to help ensure smarter trading operations going forward.” 


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