Linedata Issues Latest Version of Capitalstream Lending and Leasing Platform

Linedata said that latest release of Linedata Capitalstream, its loan origination and risk management solution for lending and equipment finance, is now available. The software and services group recently completed its acquisition of Capitalstream, which was announced in February.

It added that the newest version of the Linedata Capitalstream lending and leasing platform provides enhanced capabilities for risk management and regulatory compliance for lending and leasing.

The group cites its 2012 survey of best practices in commercial lending, which assessed the views and concerns of over 180 C-level managers in leading regional and global banks. Respondents focused on risk management as a top-level challenge: the ability to monitor portfolio credit risk and to track exposure across business units were identified as among the most pressing issues facing the institutions surveyed.

The functional enhancements included in the latest release are designed to enable bank lending and equipment finance teams to meet the growing challenges of risk management throughout the credit process as well as the need to assess commercial customer relationships across multiple products and lines of business. Additionally, the solution now offers greater usability to streamline common tasks, improved ease of system configuration and administration, and enhanced technology for the rapid construction of secure system interfaces.


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