BELLIN Matching Service

BELLIN Matching Service
BELLIN is going to offer an additional service that further extends simple and efficient contract
management in tm5. For many corporate treasuries, it is a major challenge to match their trades with
banks or subsidiaries within a narrow time frame. In the context of EMIR and other regulatory
requirements, contract matching services become increasingly important for globally deployed and
fully integrated treasury solutions.

Electronic Trade Confirmation Via SWIFT
Currently, tm5 already supports electronic confirmations for transactions between companies. The
BELLIN SWIFT Service was developed in cooperation with SWIFT for exchanging messages with all
connected banking organizations. In future, customers will be able to exchange electronic trade
confirmations for FX and Money Market deals as well.

Integrated in tm5, this new service is going to enable users to enter and directly transmit transaction
data to their bank and receive the corresponding bank-side confirmation. A prerequisite for this data
transfer is a direct connection to SWIFT, which also enables account statement collection and
payment transmission. BELLIN has been offering direct SWIFT connection in the standard tm5 setup
for quite some time.

Extension of the Current Portfolio
BELLIN extends its range of in-house products with this matching service. “We see the newly
developed product as an essential addition,” says Martin Bellin, founder and Managing Director of
BELLIN GmbH. “Users will be able to exchange financial data with banks electronically via SWIFT,
independent of their location. Timely status messages showing that transmitted trade data matches
confirmation data from the bank are going to be readily available, as required by EMIR from the
beginning of 2014.”


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