Treasurers Among the Most Loyal UK Employees

Treasury professionals are more loyal to their employers than most other UK professions, including accountants and risk specialists, according to the 2013 Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey.

The survey, which questioned 1,420 UK professionals working in the accountancy and finance, compliance, IT, operations, legal, risk, tax and treasury sectors among others, found that 64% of treasurers think they should stay with each of their employers for at least three years, compared with 58% overall. Fewer accountants (59%), compliance specialists (52%), IT workers (51%), HR professionals (48%) and risk experts (45%) believe they should stay with a company this long.

The survey, consisting of a series of questions about the 1,420 respondents’ working practices and attitudes to their career, also found that overseas experience is also considered crucial by the treasury profession, with 72% of treasurers rating it as either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to their career development. This is significantly higher than the overall UK figure nationally (47%) and also of any category surveyed, with tax professionals (66%), marketers (54%) and accountants next most keen on gaining overseas experience.

Commenting on the results, Stuart Ridley, manager of treasury recruitment at Robert Walters, said: “It makes sense that the majority think overseas experience is key to their career development [as] businesses value professionals with wide-ranging experience, particularly at the senior level.”

“The fact that treasury professionals are the most loyal of all the groups we surveyed is in keeping with this trend because most employers will only relocate staff after a sustained period working for them,” he continued. “It also highlights how treasurers like to build a career with a single employer and make a valuable contribution over time.” 

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