SWIFT Reports Increasing International Renminbi Usage

Of the 160 countries that exchanged payments with China and Hong Kong in April, 47 of them had at least 10% of their payments value in renminbi (RMB), reports SWIFT.

The messaging services provider reports that there has been a 9% increase in the number of countries “crossing the RMB river” for their payments with China and Hong Kong since July 2012

According to SWIFT’s RMB Tracker, over the nine month period July 2012 to April 2013, 16 more countries were using the RMB for more than 10% of their payments with China and Hong Kong. The growth has brought the total to 47 countries worldwide.

The average Chinese yuan (CNY) payment weight in all of the 160 countries jumped to 6%, giving the currency a 2% increase since July 2012.  SWIFT’s RMB Tracker also shows that Italy and Russia are now amongst some of the strongest adopters of the RMB, much like the UK, Singapore and Taiwan.

“The big increase in countries with substantial RMB volumes is a good indicator that the currency has become more internationalised,” said Lisa O’Connor, RMB director at SWIFT. “This also presents business opportunities for those banks with RMB business intelligence and product capabilities in those countries.”
SWIFT RMB as World Payments Currency 

Source: SWIFT.


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