BNY Mellon Launches Intraday Liquidity Analytics

BNY Mellon’s treasury services group has launched Intraday Liquidity Analytics, an offering that aims to help corporate clients address liquidity transparency and intraday overdraft coverage requirements under the Basel III capital adequacy regime.

The enhancement to the company’s TreasuryEdge electronic banking (e-banking) platform helps clients better manage costs associated with intraday liquidity; reduce intraday overdrafts; and manage payment flows more easily and efficiently.  It also provides clients with improved access to real time and historical intraday cash and liquidity information across multiple accounts, presenting data in both graphical and detailed transaction formats.  

Intraday Liquidity Analytics provides flexible and interactive tools for drilling down into problem time frames and transactions that are creating negative liquidity. The offering also facilitates straight-through processing (STP) and increases the availability of resources for other business purposes. 

“Helping clients deal with the new liquidity requirements under Basel III is another example of how providing insights and understanding, as well as data and information, has become indispensable to the delivery of effective liquidity and cash management services,” said Susan Skerritt, executive vice president (EVP) and global head of business strategy and market solutions for BNY Mellon’s treasury services group. 

“Intraday Liquidity Analytics represents an important new dimension of service, and providing it on our TreasuryEdge platform makes it an integral part of our support for BNY Mellon clients.”


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