SunGard Valdi Trading Analytics (VTA) unveiled for trading

SunGard is expanding its Valdi suite of trading solutions for the financial markets with the introduction of Valdi Trading Analytics (VTA). The new product seeks to bring real-time trade execution performance and financial analytics data to the front office, helping financial services and profit-seeking treasury trading firms at oil companies or the like, to run transaction cost analysis (TCA), cut reconciliation expenses and improve trading strategies in real-time. 

The new VTA solution from SunGard can be installed as a managed or hosted solution. Speaking to gtnews at the recent TradeTech Europe 2013 trade show this week, Beau Alexander, head of the VTA product line at the vendor, said that analytics solution, “normalises data to give a ‘single view’ picture and it can help to tame big data and make it useable for clients”.  

“It is an end-to-end solution that can assist pre- and post-trade analysis, helping with routing data as well,” added SunGard’s Alexander. “The ultimate aim is to tell users in real-time if their trading strategy is working.” It can also be used retrospectively as well of course if investors or treasurers want to check up on their risk hedging strategies or the performance of brokers or other trading partners. 

Continued market volatility is driving firms to conduct on-going, detailed analysis of the true cost of trade execution. VTA helps firms to better control costs and increase profits by conducting pre-trade TCA, best execution performance evaluation, profit and loss attribution, and reconciliation across multiple trading and back-office systems, helping to enable better trading decisions and increase trade and customer profitability.

According to Laurie Berke, principal of the TABB Group consultancy: “One of the biggest challenges facing capital markets and trading firms is the ability to drill down into the granular components of trading costs, in real-time, across asset classes, to achieve superior trading results and optimal business decision-making.” She believes SunGard’s VTA is well-positioned to help firms gain real-time transparency into their trade execution costs, execution performance and net profitability.  




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