Encap Launches Toolkit for App Developers

Encap, the software-based mobile authentication group, has launched its developer toolkit enabling app developers – start-ups or multinational corporations (MNCs) – to implement on-demand two-factor authentication without the use of expensive hardware tokens or Short Message Service (SMS) codes.

“Two-factor authentication is increasingly the norm for major corporations; Google, Apple, and Facebook have all recently implemented this type of security, albeit not as well as they could have,” said Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, chief executive officer (CEO), Encap. “Our toolkit offers developers the opportunity to integrate two-factor security seamlessly into applications – no expensive hardware or SMS codes, no upfront costs, and simple for their customers.

“Competition in app marketplaces is fierce, and a seamless experience where a user never leaves the app will trump one that involves fiddling with extra hardware or receiving SMS codes to achieve the same level of security. Integrating Encap is an opportunity to not just match the security of the financial and technology giants, but beat it,” he added.


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