TAS and Payair Form Mobile Commerce Partnership

Italy’s TAS Group, a software vendor, has signed a partnership agreement with Geneva-based Payair South Europe, a subsidiary of Sweden’s Payair Technologies, to jointly launch a platform for mobile commerce.

The new offering integrates the commerce platform designed by Payair with a customisation solution supplied by TAS, supporting complex realities, such as the large-scale retailers, that require advanced automation of their purchase and payment processes. The platform will also adopt the TAS multi-acquiring tool, to allow the management of different acquirers. It is supplemented by value-added services such as geo- marketing, advanced CRM and business intelligence.

The new solution, based on Quick Response Code (QR code) reading, supports electronic commerce (eCommerce) transactions, proximity payments via near field communications (NFC) and remote payments via QR code.

The operations enable the user to register his credit card and, thanks to the Cloud architecture, no sensitive data are saved on his smartphone and exchanged during the transaction. To ensure security, all Payair procedures and service centers are Peripheral Component Interconnect and Defence Security Service (PCI/DSS) certified. The purchase takes seconds to be completed and through the dedicated app – available on App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone – the user can scan a QR code specifically related to a product, a merchant or a transaction, then safely finalise the transaction by entering a proprietary personal identification number (PIN).


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