ABN Amro and RBS Extend Partner Bank Agreement to 2018

ABN Amro and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) have extended their partner bank agreement for a further five years, enabling Dutch companies and their treasury teams to continue to access RBS’s network of 33 countries.

The banks said that their agreement meant that corporate clients could benefit from a single point-of-contact, one system for electronic banking (e-banking) without additional costs, and the same processes and products in both the Netherlands and abroad.

ABN Amro has offices in the main financial and economic centres of Germany, Belgium, the UK, France, Luxembourg, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the US. The agreement allows the Dutch bank to offer services to clients in regions where it has no local presence. In these regions ABN Amro’s primary partner bank is RBS. For RBS the extension of the agreement means that the Dutch bank’s customers can continue to use RBS’s international network.

“For Dutch companies the most interesting growth opportunities are abroad. ABN Amro is traditionally a bank with a strong international orientation,” said Joop Wijn, member of the managing board, ABN Amro. “As a result of the renewed partner bank agreement, ABN Amro will remain the banking partner for corporates.

“In order to be efficient and effective, it is not necessary to do everything ourselves and have a presence in every country. Therefore, cooperation with other banks is becoming increasingly important and this agreement with RBS is a good example.”


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