NFC Forum Sets up Sector Special Interest Groups

The Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum has launched a special interest group (SIG) initiative, with the creation of groups focused on five specific markets.

The non-profit industry association announced that the five initial SIG working groups cover consumer electronics, healthcare, payments, retail, and transport and will report to a new SIG committee which, in turn, reports to the NFC Forum board. The committee is chaired by Qualcomm’s Neeraj Bhatia and Sunil Jain from Intel.

“By fostering the direct, concerted interaction of NFC stakeholders in key vertical markets, use cases, and technology segments, the SIGs will enable the NFC Forum to take a more active role in driving NFC solutions development, deployment, and adoption,” the industry association commented.

Forum chairman Koichi Tagawa added: “By helping us focus our efforts and expertise on the specific needs of key market sectors, the SIGs will enable the NFC Forum to facilitate and accelerate the delivery of exciting new NFC solutions to consumers.”


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