AFEX Launches Enhanced Version of Payment and Risk Management Tool

Global payments software specialist AFEX has launched an enhanced version of its AFFEXDirect international payments and risk management solution.

The company said that the new version features improved search and display options, the ability to schedule payments to beneficiaries directly from available funding balances and a consolidated overview of currency exposure to simplify international treasury management, to assist chief financial officers (CFOs) and treasurers in mitigating currency risk.

Other enhancements included improved transaction processing time with decreasing administrative workflow, an improved home screen layout with currency funding balances, the ability to schedule payments to beneficiaries directly from the funding balances, streamlined report and search capabilities and an improved file upload tool with customised enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration potential.

AFEX commented that as more small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) engage in commerce across borders, managing and mitigating currency risk is of utmost importance. “The latest release… arrives amidst an uncertain environment in the eurozone, and our enhanced product gives our clients a robust suite of tools to comprehensively manage their exposure to the euro and other currencies,” said chief executive officer (CEO) Jan Vlietstra.


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