Bibby Adopts Tinubu Square Platform for Trade Credit Limits Management

Cloud technology for the trade credit industry specialist Tinubu Square said its risk management centre (RMC) software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform has been deployed by Bibby Financial Services (BFS), the UK independent invoice finance specialist, to manage the limits on trade credit facilities that it is offering to customers.

Tinubu RMC, a cloud-based SaaS solution for business to business (B2B) credit intelligence and operational reporting, has been integrated to provide support for the non-recourse programme that BFS has been developing over the past two years. After growing quickly, the programme reached a turnover in excess of £400m and became too large to manage through traditional manual processes, prompting the company to look for a specialist solution to help.

“We wanted a tool that could aggregate the manual processes that had become too cumbersome, and following a recommendation from our sister company in France, we assessed and selected Tinubu RMC SaaS,” said Andrew Dixon, new product director at BFS. “It is an ‘open’ programme, which means that it works easily and seamlessly with our existing systems, and because it is on the cloud, we have enjoyed a very straightforward implementation.”

Tinubu Square added that integration of the first phase of the project was completed in under a month, and the processing of data is being managed by a team of five core users. However, as Tinubu RMC SaaS becomes more embedded the team is realising more functionality from both the system and the data. In addition there is some accessibility for credit insurance managers within BFS in the UK. BFS is already planning to develop the Tinubu RMC SaaS into a global programme over the next couple of years.


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