Misys Adds Global Processing to Trade Finance Module

Financial services software group Misys has added global processing to its TI Plus trade finance processing solution.

Misys said that banks face increasing pressure to offer high customer service levels and deliver standardised trade services regardless of location. TI Plus’s global processing functionality would enable them to gain a competitive edge over other trade finance specialists through improved customer service levels, reduced costs and more efficient operational structures across their regional and global trade finance business.

The group added that the solution provides the opportunity for banks to offer more robust service level agreements to customers and global processing functionality has already been licensed by five banks, including ING and Qatar National Bank.

“The evolution of the banking industry has accelerated the demands to enrich customer service, and reduce operational costs whilst the pressure on improving and standardising operational risk management has increased,” said Steve Walshem, product manager for TI Plus global processing, Misys.

“Global Processing allows a bank to ‘act globally’ significantly improving their offering to corporate customers, as well as increasing cost-efficiency and the management of operational risk in-house.”


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