Global Employment Market ‘Shows Stability for Hiring Professionals’

The jobs market for professionals and managers around the world appears to be relatively stable, according to a survey by multi-national recruitment firm Antal International.

‘Global Snapshot’
project, canvassing responses from 16,832 companies across major markets, asked respondents whether they were currently hiring at professional and managerial level and if they planned to do so over the coming three months. They were also asked whether they were currently letting staff go, or had plans imminently to do so.

Responses suggested that hiring levels across the globe continue to fall steadily, with 47% of companies currently recruiting at professional and managerial level in comparison, against 51% in the previous survey last August and 55%  in April 2012. A similar percentage of organisations (46%) intended to hire over the coming quarter.

The findings by region were as follows:

Western Europe:
Highest levels of hiring were found in Denmark (64%) and Finland (62%), and the lowest were in Spain where only 31% of companies questioned were in the process of recruiting at professional or managerial level. The UK job market has remained relatively stable in Q412 with 46% of employers hiring at managerial and professional level and 45% of businesses planning on recruiting for senior roles in Q113. The proportion of UK companies currently firing is 30%; in line with neighbouring countries and 1% lower than expected.

Greece’s employment market shows strong signs of improvement despite the country’s uncertain economic climate. Hiring levels have risen significantly in recent months, with 50% of companies now recruiting at managerial and professional level compared to 33% last August.

Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia
:  Highest levels of recruitment in this region were found in Turkey (66%), Israel (65%) and Russia (63%). The lowest was recorded in Croatia, although still in line with the national average at 47%.

Middle East:
Employment markets remain relatively strong across the region with even the weakest in United Arab Emirates (UAE) registering a 49% hiring rate, although down from 54% in August. Highest levels of recruitment were found in Qatar (62%).

Recruitment markets in Africa are booming. Although hiring levels in South Africa remain respectable with 47% of companies recruiting at managerial and professional level, emerging economies such as Botswana (82%) and Nigeria (70%) are performing most strongly. Antal expects these high levels of recruitment activity to continue next quarter.

Asia Pacific:
The Philippines recorded the highest level of recruitment activity in the region with 71% of organisations currently hiring, while activity in China has contracted from 72% to 59% since last August’s survey. In India the percentage of organisations increasing headcount had also fallen, from 62% to 40%.

The Americas:
The US and Canada both registered 52% of businesses currently seeking staff. In Latin America the most buoyant hiring market was in Chile where a more modest 47% of businesses were hiring at professional and managerial level.

“The results of the latest Snapshot indicate greater stability throughout the international staffing sector,” said Antal’s chief executive officer (CEO), Tony Goodwin. “Feedback from our clients across the globe suggests that many are under pressure to do more with fewer resources, particularly human ones.

“Despite a consistent decline in the percentage of companies hiring, a steady fall in the percentage of organisations shedding staff – down from 20% in April to 18% in August and just 16% in December – infers that workforces are stabilising and offering more in the way of long-term security to employees.”


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