Thyron Systems Launches UK Mobile Payment Terminal

UK firm Thyron Systems has launched a fully certified payment terminal that can interface via Bluetooth with all the major Smart device application platforms.  It says that recent iPhone operating system (iOS) accreditation makes ‘PosMate Smart’ the first mobile payment terminal deployed on the market to operate on any device across Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry. 

“Thyron has delivered the UK’s only standalone mobile commerce (m-commerce) device to be fully certified and approved by both Visa and MasterCard,” said managing director, Michael Ault. “All other deployments to date by Thyron have been based around the Android and Blackberry platforms and the addition of the Apple integration further strengthens our lead in this rapidly developing market.”

The firm adds that ‘PosMate Smart’ offers a recognisable personal identification number (PIN) pad terminal for the m-commerce market that can operate on any existing Smart device host and operating system without compromising acquirer, merchant or cardholder security.

“It is exciting that we have delivered a product to market that will make card payments accessible to more merchants without them having to change device or platform,” said Ault. “We’re now in a position to help smaller and independent enterprises grow without putting them and their business at an increased risk of fraud.”  


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