RM Capital Optimises FX Brokerage Service Using The Currency Cloud

Edinburgh-based fixed income broker, RM Capital, has upgraded its foreign exchange (FX) transaction capability with The Currency Cloud, a provider of a cloud-based currency conversion and international payments service. Through its online service FX-Match, RM Capital selected The Currency Cloud to facilitate low-cost international transactions for its customers, improving FX transparency and efficiency.

FX-Match has been able to quickly implement The Currency Cloud’s white-label international payments infrastructure and build a competitive advantage within the cross-currency payments market. FX-Match estimates that customers will significantly reduce their FX transaction costs. Implementing The Currency Cloud service has not only saved RM Capital the expense of developing an equivalent in-house solution, it has also allowed RM Capital to focus on customer acquisition and providing an exceptional FX and international payment offering to market.

James Robson, chief executive officer (CEO), RM Capital, said: “RM Capital and The Currency Cloud share a vision to make the currency markets more transparent and fair. The FX brokerage space is highly competitive with many similar propositions. Although the FX market is the largest and most liquid in the world, pricing is usually opaque. Through The Currency Cloud, RM Capital can facilitate FX transactions for our corporate and small business customers in a more transparent manner.”


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