Knab Goes Live with ReconArt Reconciliation Technology

Knab, the most recent online and mobile-centric bank recently launched in the Netherlands and backed by insurance giant AEGON, has gone live with ReconArt reconciliation solution.

As the nascent bank that was to become Knab was building its operations infrastructure it recognised the need to put in place secure foundations to ensure the smooth running of all its operations. Central to this was deployment of reconciliation technology to guarantee the accuracy of its clients’ transactions and balances by matching data from multiple internal and external sources on a timely basis. Knab looked for a solution that would meet its needs on day one and scale in the future as its client base and footprint expands.

After a detailed evaluation of multiple vendor solutions Knab chose ReconArt as its partner. Ease of deployment without compromising functionality or future scalability, coupled with proven gateways to standard data sources, plus low total cost of ownership and high return on investment, were key considerations.

“Easy implementation, easy to work with, automates the tedious jobs and frees up valuable time to focus on sorting out differences – just the right tool to be in control,” said Marco van Bakel, Knab’s controller.


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