SWIFT Launches Asia-Pacific Corporate Hub

Financial messaging provider SWIFT said that will establish an Asia-Pacific corporate hub in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, with more than 100 new staff based in the two locations.

In Kuala Lumpur, SWIFT will create an entirely new corporate services centre, complementing similar SWIFT centres in the US and Europe. The centre will focus on services such as IT development, qualification testing, support, finance, human resources and operational functions. It expects the centre to employ 100 staff by 2015. In the short term, a management structure will be put in place and local hiring will start by the end of this year.

In Singapore, SWIFT already has a presence, staffed by its Asia-Pacific commercial team members as well as standards and other marketing experts who have global roles. As part of the new corporate hub strategy, SWIFT intends to increase its existing global marketing presence in Singapore over the next three years. Separately, there will be new hires for commercial functions in Singapore and elsewhere in the region to support regional growth.

“The new corporate hub is a key milestone that strongly supports our ambitious growth strategy for the region,” said SWIFT’s chief executive officer (CEO), Gottfried Leibbrandt. “By 2015 we will have dramatically increased our resources in Asia Pacific, which is expected to contribute significantly to the growth of our global business.”

SWIFT has been in Asia-Pacific for over 30 years, starting in Hong Kong and Singapore; adding Australia and New Zealand in 1982 and India in 1991. Three regional offices have been opened in Asia since 2005, bringing the total to eight commercial and support offices including the customer support centres in Hong Kong and Tokyo.


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