Tbricks Adds Access to Nordea FX to Trading System

Swedish automated trading systems company Tbricks has added Nordea FX to its list of certified trading venues.

The company said that the integration allows clients using Tbricks’ trading system to access foreign exchange (FX) markets through Nordea FX high-speed infrastructure. The combined Tbricks/Nordea FX solution is targeting banks, trading firms and hedge funds that require high-performance access to electronic FX markets.

“The addition of this new connection makes Tbricks the one-stop-shop for traders seeking access to the full range of trading venues across all listed securities and who require manual or automated hedging of their FX exposure,” said Urs Rutschmann, chief operating officer (COO) of Tbricks.

“The FX integration with Tbricks is just one natural step in the expansion of our FX offering to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers for integrated multi-asset class trading solutions in a highly competitive market,” added Kenneth Steengaard, head of FX, money markets and commodities trading at Nordea Markets. “It will allow customers to fully automate the hedging process of FX exposure deriving from their trading of various asset classes.”


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