Computacenter Fuels Collaboration and Growth with Ariba

Computacenter, Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, has created a simplified buying process that enables customers to quickly find and purchase the goods and services they need, much as they would using or eBay, with the Ariba Network.

“As a business you can no longer offer a B2B [business-to-business] experience. It needs to be level with a B2C [business-to-consumer] experience,” said Sam Purches, principal e-business development consultant, Computacenter.

As a leading European independent provider of IT infrastructure services, Computacenter offers a range of networking and collaboration solutions, delivering on-site services in nearly 60 countries and supplying IT hardware and software in more than 100 countries.

“With increasing frequency, our customers were demanding greater automation across the purchasing process, and we wanted to make sure that our website addressed these needs,” said Purches.

The company selected the Ariba Network and its online catalogue and electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) solutions to create Computacenter Connect, a consumer-like webshop where its corporate customers can quickly find and purchase the goods and services they need to power their operations.

Purches added that through the site, customers can drive a standard, automated process for purchasing that delivers cost savings and fuels compliance.

Computacenter has seen a significant boost in both productivity and profits. Used to transact over £100m in revenue on an annual basis, the Ariba Network is Computacenter’s largest e-commerce platform and accounts for about 10% of its overall sales.

More than 65% of Computacenter’s orders are now made electronically through Computacenter Connect, freeing up sales associates to focus on more strategic activities such as customer satisfaction and retention. On average, these orders are about 12% higher than those made offline, driving greater revenue.

As the majority of Computacenter’s orders are now invoiced electronically using the e-invoicing solutions delivered via the Ariba Network, the company has also been able to streamline its accounts payable (A/P) process and speed payment cycles.


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