ETF Securities Joins SIX Swiss Exchange

ETF Securities has joined the SIX Swiss Exchange as a new issuer of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The London-based provider was formed in 2003 and became internationally known that same year after creating the world’s first listed exchange traded product (ETP) on physical gold. ETF Securities launched its first ETFs in 2008 and is among the European leaders in ETPs, which are collateralised bearer debt securities that track an underlying benchmark.

Alain Picard, head of product management at SIX Swiss Exchange, said: “We would like to extend a warm welcome to ETF Securities as a new issuer on SIX Swiss Exchange. The eight ETFs newly listed on SIX Swiss Exchange represent an exciting addition to our existing range of ETFs, bringing the total number of products listed in our ETF segment to 880.”

The eight ETFs are:

  1. ETFX WNA Global Nuclear Energy Fund.
  2. ETFX DAXglobal Alternative Energy Fund.
  3. ETFX S-Net ITG Global Agri Business Fund.
  4. ETFX DAXglobal Coal Mining Fund.
  5. ETFX DAXglobal Gold Mining Fund.
  6. ETFX DAXglobal Shipping Fund.
  7. ETFX Dow Jones Global Select Dividend Fund.
  8. ETFX DJ-UBS All Commodities Three-month Forward Fund.



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