Sainsbury’s Extends Invoicing Initiative to Non-Food Supply Chain

UK supermarket group Sainsbury’s said that, with over 900 of its suppliers now having browser access to its supply chain for food products, a new strategic initiative is being launched in partnership with Wesupply to achieve the same results for suppliers in the non-food supply chain. Wesupply provides the group with a managed and outsourced electronic business-to-business (B2B) integration service

Sainsbury’s added that the new initiative is predominantly aimed at providing improved communications, visibility and accuracy within the supply chain for around 800 suppliers from Europe and Asia-Pacific. The overall objective is to replace a paper based process to vastly improve the accuracy of invoicing and to apply greater control throughout the order-to-cash-cycle. Wesupply will enhance the existing browser functionality to cater for the processing, presentation and supplier acceptance of extended contract details along with other non-food specific requirements.

As well as moving forward with the non-foods project, Sainsbury’s will be implementing the final part of its foods replatforming project where Wesupply’s electronic trading application will be used to manage and monitor the flow of all electronic data interchange (EDI) data within the group’s extended supply chain. This will ensure that Sainsbury’s gain the full advantage of the comprehensive checking, validation, visibility and alerting features that Wesupply’s application offers to help manage the complex message flows.


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