Western Union Adds Chile, Cyprus and Jordan to B2B Service

Western Union Business Solutions has launched its business-to-business (B2B) service in three new markets.

Through local partnerships, the company now offers cross-border payment services in Chile, Cyprus and Jordan, enabling businesses and organisations in these countries to make international payments with increased speed and transparency.

“I’m very pleased to announce our entry into three new markets,” said Raj Agrawal, president of Western Union Business Solutions. “The combined strength of our innovative products and WU’s unparalleled agent network gives us the perfect platform to expand the financial services available to businesses around the world and provide them with the customer care they deserve – especially the small and medium-sized enterprises [SMEs] which drive so much of the global economy.”

In Chile, the company’s payment offerings will be provided by Chilexpress, a leading courier and logistics company with a presence in over 360 Chilean cities. Chilexpress has a strong customer base in a growing market that registers more than 140,000 SMEs.

In Cyprus, Western Union Business Solutions will be introduced via GAP Vassilopoulos, a leading logistics provider with a strong SME client base. GAP Vassilopoulos is a recognised leader in the Cypriot business community with a range of services, including domestic courier, air and sea freight transportation, insurance, travel and hotel bookings.

Western Union Business Solutions’ partner in Jordan is Kamal Exchange, a leading money exchange company with long-standing links to the business and finance community. Kamal Exchange has a strong presence in Jordan and great experience with both local and foreign financial institutions as well as small and medium-sized importers and exporters.

Chilexpress, GAP Vassilopoulos and Kamal Exchange are existing WU agents providing consumer money transfer services.


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