BELLIN Partners with Vallstein on Corporate Banking

German treasury management specialist BELLIN has joined forces with Vallstein, the provider of bank relationship management (BRM) solutions, to support corporate customers in optimising their banking business in the future.

BELLIN said that users of tm5, its web-based treasury platform, will be able to access Vallstein’s WalletSizing solution directly from within the treasury management system (TMS) from 14 November 2012, dubbed ‘Patch Day 6’. The group will connect customers directly to WalletSizing via tm5. In addition to linking to the WalletSizing application, data that is already available in the licensed tm5 modules will be exported and transferred to the WalletSizing active server pages (ASP) server.

“WalletSizing with Vallstein powered by BELLIN brings complete and consistent insight, control and compliance to the banking business of corporate treasuries,” said Martin Bellin, founder and managing director of BELLIN.

“On this basis, companies of all sizes will be able to negotiate favourable terms and conditions with their banks,” added Hugo van Wijk, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Vallstein.

BELLIN added that the financial crisis, euro crisis and Basel III make the right choice of partner banks and banking products a decisive factor for the success of a company. Against this background, BRM initiatives are high on the agenda of chief financial officers (CFOs) and treasury experts. WalletSizing with Vallstein powered by BELLIN gives treasurers direct access to business-critical information, such as share of wallet (SOW), return on solvency and the Vallstein benchmark, and enables them to generate reports.

“Essentially, the question is how much profit banks make from their corporate clients or how attractive the companies are for their banks,” Bellin added. “WalletSizing helps users find the answer to this question. The methodology developed by Vallstein determines the return on equity of the banks with which the company does business. With the resulting intracompany benchmarking, treasurers can find the optimal way to distribute their business volume among the banks.”

Aite Group senior analyst Enrico Camerinelli anticipated this type of partnership and sees it as the way of the future for TMS. In a recent research report, he wrote that TMS vendors (including BELLIN whic is featured in the report) will evolve into what Camerinelli calls ‘treasury intelligence management systems’ (TiMS), once they incorporate in their solutions a number of advanced capabilities, one of which is bank relationship management (BRM).

According to Camerinelli: “Treasurers will be able to understand if they get preferential conditions from their banking partners based on the business volume generated. This software is capable of comparing fees charged by different banks, predicting future bank charges, and identifying errors in bank billing. This can be an effective tool for assessing the relative value from each bank in a multibank environment, prior to renegotiating fees with different banks. It can also act as a further check on the efficiency of bank account statements as it will check expected entries against the bank statement.”


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