Two European Ethics Bodies Join Forces

The UK’s Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) has announced the integration of the European Network of Integrity & Compliance Officers (ENICO) into the IBE.

It added that ENICO and IBE share similar values and approach to applied business ethics. ENICO was established by like-minded continental European-based ethics and compliance officers in 2009 with a focus on leadership, balanced reward systems and principles-based decision-making and standards based on a ‘best practice sharing’ model. This is similar to IBE’s own charitable aim of ‘raising awareness and sharing best practice’.

The IBE was established by business people for business people in 1986, to encourage high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values and currently has over 100 corporate subscribers. The IBE offers practical advice and networking opportunities for senior business people with an emphasis on a principles, rather than compliance, based approach.

“The IBE welcomes this integration,” said the IBE’s director, Philippa Foster Back. “This will offer more opportunities for companies headquartered in mainland Europe to participate in IBE’s activities and the Institute will benefit from their input into our work at all levels.”

Dan Ostergaard, chairman of ENICO, added: “Societal expectations towards ethical business conduct have increased significantly. However, the financial crisis highlighted the need to better address the root causes of behaviour to prevent ethical breakdowns and drive sustainable performance. IBE is a well-respected institution, and with our shared mission and complimentary experience, we will have much greater reach and influence on the development of this important subject.”


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