Triple Point Takes Commodity Management Mobile


Triple Point Technology, a commodity management software company, has launched five mobile applications: Mobile Commodity Trader, Mobile Voyage Estimator, Mobile Inventory Navigator, Mobile Management Dashboard and Commodity XL Mobile System Console. These solutions will transform the way companies manage commodities by empowering staff to perform key operations while away from their desks and before competitors can react.

Triple Point is delivering mobile commodity management applications for the iPhone and iPad that enable workers to perform their jobs anytime, anywhere:

  • Mobile Commodity Trader: supplies traders with all the tools necessary for taking care of business while on the road.
  • Mobile Voyage Estimator: wins more business for shippers and charterers by providing accurate, intelligent quotes using any combination of cargoes, vessels, routes, and load and discharge ports.
  • Mobile Inventory Navigator: allows schedulers to assess and analyse bulk commodity inventory and capacity levels in real time.
  • Mobile Management Dashboard: provides executives with pinpoint analysis of key performance indicators across the supply chain for improved decision-making and bottom-line results.
  • Commodity XL Mobile System Console: enables administrators to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot global deployments of Triple Point’s software solution while at home, in transit, or walking the floor.

“Mobility is the next great technology wave and we are at its forefront,” said Peter Armstrong, chief executive officer (CEO) and president, Triple Point. “The initial feedback from customers has been extremely positive and we will launch more high value apps in the coming months.”


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