Armajaro Trading Selects Triple Point for Commodity Management

Armajaro Trading has licensed Triple Point Technology’s software for commodity procurement, trading, logistics, and credit risk management. Armajaro is a global soft commodity trading house and supply chain manager with origination and export operations in all major cocoa, coffee, and sugar-growing countries. Armajaro’s customers include the world’s leading chocolate and coffee manufacturers.

Armajaro said that it selected Commodity XL, Triple Point’s commodity management solution, because it is the only system capable of addressing Armajaro’s complex supply chain requirements including measuring and accounting for qualities such as protein, moisture, grade, and foreign material.

Commodity XL is promoted as the only software solution for commodity and risk management that works across multiple commodities in real-time from the front- through to the back-office. Commodity XL manages the complete agriculture supply chain including farm procurement, origination, aggregation, storage, processing, trading, import/export, and local distribution on a single platform.


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