CashFlows Launches Card Issuing Services in Europe

CashFlows, a financial services group, has launched a prepaid card issuing service to complement its fast-growing portfolio of regulated financial services in Europe.

The issuing service creates a ‘one-stop solution’ that enables businesses to consolidate their card acceptance and issuing capabilities within an integrated model, according to CashFlows. The company is a principal issuing and acquirer member of Visa and MasterCard but also offers a full programme manager package too, establishing relationships with processors, banks, payments networks and distributors on their customers’ behalf. This approach reduces costs and drives greater business efficiencies.

CashFlows has already cemented its first partnership in card issuing with ROK Global, an international marketing and media group. In the strategic partnership with ROK, CashFlows will deliver prepaid card issuing services for two specific programmes, with an initial card order for over 50,000 cards.

John Ondreasz, chief executive officer (CEO) at ROK Pre-Pay, said: “We have been looking to roll out a prepaid programme for the past six years but until now, we could not find a company that met our European demand for a single source supply, coupled with a requirement to work quickly and flexibly. As a company with an international presence and aggressive future ambitions within the payments industry, we are delighted to partner with an agile and responsive company like CashFlows, and look forward to our agreement delivering new and innovative card programmes to our ever-growing worldwide customer base.”


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