BofA Merrill Enhances Notional Pooling Capability

Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofA Merrill) has added notional pooling to its Global Liquidity Platform, which is a centralised technology hub for liquidity management. Companies can use single and multi-currency notional pooling solutions to reduce capital cost, increase control of working capital and simplify treasury activity.

Notional pooling refers to the non-physical netting of multiple bank account balances against each other to provide clients interest efficiencies and balance consolidation benefits. With the relaunch of single currency notional pooling and multi-currency notional pooling, BofA Merrill now offers a complete integrated suite of cash concentration solutions through its Global Liquidity Platform, including interest optimisation, physical cash concentration and multi-bank cash concentration.

“Our clients are increasingly operating in an environment of multiple currencies, jurisdictions and legal entities,” said Greg Kavanaugh, head of BofA Merrill’s global liquidity product team. “By offering both notional and physical cash concentration options, we can help our clients improve the value they receive from their liquidity balances around the globe.”


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