SWIFT Launches Alliance Lite2

SWIFT, the financial messaging provider, has launched Alliance Lite2, its new cloud-based connectivity solution. Alliance Lite2 connects customers to the SWIFT network, enabling them to exchange messages and files with other SWIFT users. It is now commercially available worldwide following pilot (beta) testing with financial institutions and corporations.

Alliance Lite2 supports all SWIFT message formats, standards and file types, as well as automated and manual exchange of messages and files. It also provides access to other services offered over the SWIFT network, including those from third parties. Because Alliance Lite2 is a cloud-based service, customers do not need to install or maintain extensive software or hardware at their site. Connection occurs via the Internet or a virtual private network (VPN).

Cerner, a healthcare systems provider, is one of several corporations and financial institutions that took part in the pilot testing. Leonard Nick, senior manager, treasury operations at Cerner, said: “We needed a single connection to our banking partners which is cost effective and provides the flexibility to add banks as our global operations grow. Alliance Lite2 will make it easy for us to use SWIFT without the need for additional equipment or a service bureau.”


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