BPC Banking Technologies Enters Cambodia with Hattha Kaksekar Deal

BPC Banking Technologies (BPC) will introduce its open system electronic payments (e-payments) technology to Cambodia, following the signing of a contract with the country’s fourth-largest microfinance institution (MFI), Hattha Kaksekar.

The Dutch company said that it will implement a multifunctional in-house financial transaction switch for automated teller machines (ATMs), point-of-sale (POS) and mobile payments as well as a fully-fledged card management solution with the installation of the SmartVista suite. Hattha has more than 1200 staff and 122 branches delivering a full range of financial services, including loans and deposits, to customers in Cambodia’s 24 provinces.

BPC added that the new in-house payments processing system will enable Hattha to offer a biometric identification, enrollment and verification system, the first of its kind in Cambodia. Previously, collecting loan repayments required Hattha staff to travel door-to-door, but automation and an enlarged ATM network will enable customers to withdraw microloans at ATMs, have remote access to their accounts and make repayments against their microloans.

Although the new services will initially only be available through the ATM network, Hattha plans to offer the same facilities through mobile phones.


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