VKB-Bank Adds Debit Smart Card Security to Online Banking

Austria’s VKB-Bank is deploying the Ezio Edge Optic authentication and scanning reader developed by digital security group Gemalto, to improve the security of its online electronic banking (e-banking) and card services for businesses and individuals.

The bank said that the optical debit smart card reader offers online customers security and convenience. It requires no software to be installed and reads directly on the user’s personal computer screen, tablet or mobile device, enabling transactions to be signed by businesses or retail bank customers.

The device is placed in front of the screen and the securely encoded transaction data needed for verification and transaction signature generation, which are displayed on the screen, are instantly read. Once verified, users can easily and securely perform online transactions including money transfer and payments.

VKB-Bank added that e-banking transactions should be processed more quickly and easily authorised under the new system, which can also be accessed at its branch offices. The bank also plans to add more advanced internet services later this year, such as electronic document signing for trade finance, to help businesses and corporate treasurers. 


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