Loomis Enters Agreement with Swedbank

Swedish cash handling company Loomis has entered into an agreement with Swedbank, which will see it provide the bank’s customers with access to cash management services, transport logistics for cash and a country-wide network of service boxes.

Under the terms of the agreement, Swedbank’s customers will be entitled to discounted offers for services such as supplies of desk changes and collections of daily checkouts. The bank’s private customers will also have the opportunity to pay in deposits of notes and coins via Loomis’ service boxes.

Loomis says that the trend towards cashless bank accounts has progressed at high tempo, resulting in a specialisation in cash handling services. “Swedbank is an important operator within the banking sectors and we are very pleased that they have chosen to give their customers the opportunity to conclude direct agreements with Loomis, as they themselves have chosen to reduce cash handling at some of their own bank branches,” said Patrik Högberg, country president for Loomis Sverige.


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