ACI Worldwide to Update Credit Agricole Cards and Payments Infrastructure

Payment systems provider ACI Worldwide says that it is working with Credit Agricole Cards and Payments (CAC&P) to update the company’s infrastructure and improve scalability and reliability for one of Europe’s biggest banks that manages one of the world’s largest networks of ATMs.

CAC&P is the processor for the payments business of Credit Agricole (CA), and has been a customer of ACI Worldwide since 2009. The ongoing project to upgrade and improve its payment processing infrastructure will be supported by the implementation of ACI’s payments engine BASE24-eps running on IBM Power 770 systems. The project enables the bank to begin supporting customers internationally.

The first phase of the overhaul programme was the creation of a vendor-independent ATM acquiring solution to support CA’s network of 22,000 ATMs. The current phase involves the creation of an international switch, enabling CAC&P to route its clients’ payments directly to MasterCard, without going through the national switch in France.

CA is MasterCard’s largest customer in France and ACI says that the enhancement will deliver significant cost savings. CAC&P has also started working with ACI to use BASE24-eps for transaction authorisation for the 30 million cards issued by the various CA institutions.


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