Barclays Expands Cash Management Team in GCC Region

 Barclays Bank says that it is continuing to expand its corporate banking offering in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) region through the expansion of its cash management capabilities.

The bank announced that Oliver Baillie has been appointed as head of cash management, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and GCC with responsibility for leading the cash management operations through developing innovative products, liaising with existing and potential corporate clients, and implementing long term solutions to try to improve client cash and liquidity management.

Barclays added that Baillie has relocated to the UAE from Barclays UK, where he held senior positions in deposits and business solutions divisions of the bank throughout his tenure. He brings with him a wealth of technical and client based experience in corporate banking.

Rezwan Mirza, Barclays’ managing director and head of corporate coverage, UAE and GCC, said: “Through consistent dialogue with our corporate clientele, we have observed that businesses today face many challenges in managing cash effectively, especially in the midst of economic recovery. In response, we are in the process of making a significant investment within the region and globally to upgrade our cash management platform as well as increase the number of qualified experts servicing our clients.”


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